The Unity ’04 Website will officially launch during the
Black Youth Vote! Leadership Conference April 1-3, 2004
Please take the time to enter your civic activities in our calendar


Unity ‘04 Civic Engagement and Voter Empowerment Campaign is a nonpartisan network of 130 organizations that are united to increase the Black vote in the 2004 election cycle and build a groundswell of civic participation in the Black community. Created in 1998, the Unity campaign strategy works with and through African American based organizations and strategic partners to maximize the effectiveness of a coordinated campaign in selected states. Participating organizations are committed to operational unity and collaboration. We have the track record. We understand our issues. We have ongoing relationships with black voters. Together we have the power.

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The Unity ‘04 Voter Empowerment Campaign has four primary objectives:

Share and maximize resources.
Communicate resonating messages using an intergenerational mix of voices.
Increase black voter turnout in selected states.
Ensure every vote is counted.

Unity ‘04 seeks to register one million new voters, and increase black voter turnout by five percent in the selected states.

Unity ’04 will build on the successful Unity 2000 coordinated campaign that was largely responsible for increasing black voter turnout in selected states in 2000.

As 55% of the Black population lives in the South, Unity ‘04 is committed to increasing Black turnout in the South

A major concentration for Unity ’04 will be the Black youth vote since they make up nearly 50% of the Black voting age population.

Unity ‘04 will work to ensure that every voter knows what their rights are at the polls, is able to cast a ballot without fear or intimidation, and has their vote counted in the 2004 Election cycle.

While each group must fulfill their defined mission and rollout their civic participation plan, our success as a Black community hinges on our willingness to work in concert with one another — synergism. Unity ’04 will complement the efforts of participating organizations by providing resources, technology, message and materials.